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what is longarm quilting?

in a nutshell, it's a great solution to getting a layer of backing, batting, and a beautifully pieced quilt top together without having to wrestle it through a domestic sewing machine.

what kind of machine do you use?

i call her fern, but she's a 22" innova. i fell in love first stitch and have been stitch-happy ever since.

what kinds of designs can be on my quilt?

in short- that depends. a lot of factors like: quilting density, desired drape, how your masterpiece will be used, and what kind of look you're going for, will help shape the kind of stitching i do. bottom line: it's your quilt & i'll quilt it it how you want it!

how long does it take?

turnaround time is pretty quick on edge-to-edge designs & considerably longer on free motion or custom designs. if quilt tops are being shipped from you to me and then back to you, additional days will be needed from the time you send your fabric-baby off in the mail. each quilt that comes through my door gets the special attention it deserves.

how much does it cost?

standard edge-to-edge designs cost 3 cents per square inch. more complex edge-to-edge designs can run 3.5-4 cents per square inch. free motion or custom quilting costs are determined on a case by case basis with a 50 dollar minimum charge. prices include batting, thread, and all the bobbins your quilt needs. an additional $24 fee is added if binding is needed.

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*these prices are just estimates based on measurements. the cost for your quilt will depend on the size of your quilt top, binding, design, and other factors. prices listed do not include tax/shipping*

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